Couponing Is Fun!

Duff here. I learned from an Early Age that tearing up Paper of any Kind was a No-No. When I was a Tiny Puppy, Mom was sitting in the Living room, minding Her own business. She suddenly realized It was Very Quiet. And with a Small Canine around, that absence of Sound means there is Mischief afoot. As She tracked Me down, She heard gentle tearing Noises. Riiipp. Riiiipp. When She rounded the Corner? There I was, surrounded by shredded Kleenex. Not only had I done the Deed, but I was pouncing on it. Oh, joy! Living unstuck.

My Younger Cousin Anastasia went a Step further. She made Herself useful by clipping Coupons for the Family. She didn’t want to disturb Her People while They were at Home, so She waited until the Coast was clear to help in this Manner. She told Me all about it, but got so excited I never heard how the Situation ended. I can only hope She was rewarded handsomely! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You a Couponer? Or do You simply shop without the Discounts? I say: Give it a Shot. One time Mom did, but ran afoul of the People in Charge when She jammed the machine in the Self Check out Line. She was very embarrassed! I think You’ll stand a better chance, and save lots of Money too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#coupons

Oh, my kids aren’t just cute. They are highly trained couponing professionals and we are in hot pursuit!

—Jamie Gies

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