You can choose anything you want . . . except the consequences.

—Words To Live By

Duff photoDuff here. Ah, Consequences. The bane of my existence. Typically, I am a well Behaved Therapy Dog. I mind my manners. I am thoughtful toward others, never intruding. If so inclined, I play with my Clients. And do we have fun! Some Visitors even like to have Me up alongside them on the Big Recliner. I snuggle in and help them resolve their Problems. We live unstuck.

However, I have a Bad Habit of Barking at times. I want Mom to know someone is at the door, be it at Home or the Office. No matter to me. A Door is an entry to the outside World. Who knows What could be there? If it’s a large Dog, I’m in trouble. Mom is quite trusting (I suspect She knows who is on the other side, for They pass by a window before coming in), but I Myself, I’m never too sure. Best to err on the Side of Caution, I say.

But that ends up in Consequences. Mom has tried every trick in the Book to change this Old Way of Behaving. She even consulted the Dog Whisperer’s Book. But I persist, for That is part of my Job. I can choose everything I want . . . except the consequences. What a True Statement. My Consequence: to be pinned in my Mom’s lap until the Client is securely in the office. Overall, I’m learning. Slowly, but I’m gaining wisdom. And I live unstuck. I trust you do, too. Consequences, be gone! #unstuckliving#consequences

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