Coming Home

Duff here. Mom Said something Quite Unnerving The Other Day. She told Me: not every Dog could go to work. Can You imagine? I assumed that since Mom and I are a Team, that it’s the Norm. But not so. My Friend Mattie has to stay at Home when Her Mistress goes shopping. And The Coop stays behind when there’s errands to be run. Waldo is also at Home, but He is very Large and holds down the Fort. Living unstuck.

I know how much Mom misses Me when We’re not together. But She told Me what She does to relieve Her Heart Ache. She takes a deep Breath and remembers… She’ll be Home with Me soon. We Canines are such a comfort. When She steps through the Door, I look at Her with loving Eyes, filling those Irritated Spots inside Her with Love. And I want to know All about Her Day. Happiness and warmth, special Delivery. And I can do it in the Blink of an Eye. If You simply think of Us, We’ll warm Your heart. That’s the Way it’s supposed to be. Living unstuck.

How About You? Do You feel Love and Validation when You arrive Home? Or do You even pay attention? I say: Look for the Warm Greeting. Even My Kitty Friends join in to meet and greet with the Best of Them. We’ll take Your Cares away in the Wag of a Tail. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#comfort

Happiness is coming home and knowing your dog is there to greet you.


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