Christmas Magic

Christmas magic is silent.

You don’t hear it —

You feel it

You know it.

You believe it.


Duff here. I’m still floating in the afterglow of Christmas. Santa was very good to Me and I was hoping He would show up again soon. But Mom says He only Comes Once a Year. What’s with That?! Not unstuck at all.

I latched on to one Particular gift: an Oven Mitt. Of course, it had a picture of a Dog on it. How could I resist? It was Mine. All Mine. I even Took it to Bed with me last night. You can Imagine, It’s very Special to Me.

And there was another Favorite Gift of The year, too. I knew This Present, a dish Towel titled A Dog’s Christmas, was meant For Me. Right? And I will read what’s on it For You. After the Title, it says: A Peekapoo in a Pear Tree, Two chewed slippers, Three Chased cars, Four Guarded doors, Five Golden Retrievers, Six flowers A-Flying, Seven Westies walking, Eight Legs a-Lifting (Oh, my!), Nine Hounds a-Howling, Ten Fleas a Leaping, Eleven Labs licking, and Twelve leashes Tugging. Whew! You can Sing along with Me if You wish. Talk about a belief in Christmas and living unstuck.

What about You? Was Santa good to You this year Too? Or did You get a Stocking filled with Coal? Let Me know! I’m all Ears. And want to help You live unstuck. Merry Christmas, only a little belated. #unstuckliving#christmasgifts

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