Christmas Decor

Duff here. It’s Our Tradition to put up Christmas decorations at the Office after Thanksgiving dinner. Mom thinks it helps Us work off all the Goodies We ate. I’m just along for The Ride. We motor to the Storage unit (there’s no One there at that time, so it’s a Snap,) and gather up the Boxes of ornaments and such. Next, We head on in to the Office. Living unstuck.

But then? We hit a snag. Mom puts Things up. Then moves Them around. Then takes some Down. Then rummages in another Box for Something Special. This year, She couldn’t find a figure of a Santa holding His Light, and was most distressed. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but in the bigger Scheme of Things? Not that important. Well, at least to Me. We move back and Forth. I get most excited when She moves toward the Door. But then, She comes back. I sigh, and put My Head on My Paws as I lie down. Finally, She’s satisfied. And off We go. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You fuss over Your Christmas decorations? Or just put Them up and call It good? I say: Go for the latter. No one is going to Notice if the Decorations are just so. It’s the Magic of the Effect that creates the Delight. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#christmas-decor

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.

—Larry Wilde

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