Duff here. This Morning, I came across some Bear Droppings on the road. Being a Canine, I checked it out. Thoroughly. Round little Berries and other Items I could not identify were all in this Compact Mound. The scent was Intriguing, The Form unusual for My Species. I was Curious, to say the least, but moved on after Intense Investigation. Living unstuck.

A moment after I was Finished, I heard a loud Ka-Boom! Then another Ka-Boom!  The Sound resonated through the Pines and Echoed along the Road. Mom and I were Unsure what It was, but ventured out a few more Feet. And saw a Huge Bear, doing its Best to overturn a Dempsey Dumpster. Last year, This Critter had multiple feasts from The Contents of that container. And It was back for More. However, this time It was thwarted by a Sturdy, Closefitting Lock. The Homeowner was victorious. (Note: We quickly Headed the other Way.) Now that’s living unstuck from all Angles.

How about You? Have You come up against a Dangerous Something? And Then used Caution and Good Sense to avoid escalation? I say: Choose the High Road. It’s the Best Way to Go. Especially when You’re Outweighed and Small. Live unstuck. #unstuck-lviing#caution

Better to be safe than sorry.

—Samuel Lover

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