Catching Up With Buddies

Duff here. Recently, I have had the Opportunity to catch up with Those I have not seen for Some Time. For Instance, some of Our Clients come on a bi-weekly or Monthly basis. (That’s a Very Long Time for a Dog.) When They arrive at the Doorstep of the Office, I do My meet and greet. No longer do I Jump up on Them, for I have learned My Manners. But I do tell Them how pleased I am to See Them in My Doggy Language. Up and down the Scale I Go, Letting Them know how Welcome They are in Our Place. I enjoy Them Thoroughly, for They are Part of My family. We live unstuck.

I also do This with Mom. Perhaps She runs a Short errand. Upon Her return, even if Only after a few Minutes, I tell her how Glad I am to see Her. I also share How I Protected Our abode. I have a ferocious Bark, well Able to let any Possible Intruders (or Even those I’m unsure of) know I am On Guard. I can Sound Fierce if needed, for That is part of my Job. But My Heart is Open to Friends and I live unstuck.

Do You do the Same? When You connect with a Pal You haven’t seen For Awhile, do You greet them Warmly? Tell them all about what’s Been happening in Your World? Do You laugh and share? And I’ll bet You spend Time Listening Intently to Their Stories too. I’m Encouraging that behavior. You have Learned your Manners, as I have. Revel In these Good Feelings and live unstuck. #unstuckliving#catchingup

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

—Marcel Proust

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