Care for Yourself

I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.

—Audre Lorde

Duff here. Some have said I’m spoiled. I sit on Mom’s lap, and generally have My Way when We’re at the office. I swarm Clients as They come through the Door, checking to see if They are Critter people. Others have noted I’m block-headed. If I am focused on a goal, there’s no stopping Me. When Mom and I take a break over Lunch, I lead the way for the sashay. That’s living unstuck.

But when Mom found this Quote, I knew it was for Me. I care for Myself, taking Naps as needed and sipping water as only We Canines can do. Survival means caring for Myself the best I know how. If that’s being Self-Indulgent? I’m all for it! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You good at Caring for Yourself? Or are You last on the To-Do List? I say: Reprioritize Your activities. You deserve to have a Big #1 on Your forehead. What is it You like? Figure it out, then Go for it. Survive in Style, not to mention Comfort. Living unstuck is the only Way to go! #unstuck-living#care-for-yourself

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