Care and Compassion

Duff photoDuff here. I was paging through my History of Experiences the other day. And Came across the Time a few years back when Mom broke her Wrist. She was distraught, to say the least, for She and I had a Business to Run. To stay in shape for what we Do, we took Morning Walks. Well, the Doctors put the Brakes to that endeavor for a while, but finally gave us Permission to Saunter. We could live unstuck Once Again.

The Major Issue: it was February. Snow and Ice on the Road presented all Sorts of Hazards. Since I am a Four Legged Creature, I am Quite Stable on the Ground. Mom only has Two Appendages, and there was the Conundrum. We were told (in No Uncertain Terms) not to fall. Her wrist would be worse off than it was. We Would truly be stuck then.

So I was her Very Concerned Puppy. As we would stride along, all was well while snow was Underfoot. But then, that dreaded Slick Stuff would appear. I would stop next to Mom. Or if She wasn’t paying Attention, would Kind of Edge in front of Her. And would watch as She carefully stepped across this Slippery Barrier. Once We were beyond it, We would resume our Normal Pace. I showed Care and Compassion during that Challenging Time, for She was indeed Balance Impaired. But We lived unstuck, secure in My Hard Work for Her Well Being.

Do You also show Care and Compassion? If Someone You know needs assistance, Do you come to their Rescue? I recommend: Do so. You will put a Bounce in Their step and a Smile on Their face. You will have Transformed their View of the World for the better. They, too, can live unstuck with you and Me. Let’s go! #unstuckliving#careandcompassion

Compassion is about giving all the love you’ve got.

—Cheryl Strayed

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