Block the Punt

I get excited and enthused about something I’m doing, an activity I’m involved with. Something that piques my curiosity and encourages me to learn more about it. It could be a project, a trip, an interest. Something quite vast or tiny. It could touch my heart or be an intellectual pursuit. Sometimes when I share this, others may rain on my parade. Negative comments. I-would-never-do-that’s abound. Or not their interests. Fair enough. And I could get stuck here, telling myself it probably wasn’t a good idea after all.

It’s like the punter on a football team who gets the ball blocked when he lofts it into the sky. He had a positive intent, and I’m certain he was excited to fulfill his job and boot the ball as far as possible into the other team’s field of play. But that didn’t work out. Fair enough. The man who kicked the ball quickly shifts from offense to defense. The ball is loose, meaning it’s a free ball and up for grabs by the other team. Perhaps a player from that opposing team has gathered it up and wants to gain some yards in the opposite direction toward his own goal. The punter immediately moves into action. He tackles or blocks the runner holding that bobbled ball.

I, too, can shift gears and move into a positive mindset. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the concept or not be so enthused around others not of like mind. But I can do an about-face and keep on dancing, enjoying my life. It’s not time to get stuck.

How do you shift gears?

If you are stuck in low gear and want to soar in overdrive, nurture your dream and journey forward. Ignore the naysayers. Put an umbrella up over your parade. Be excited about whatever interest you have, for it’s your own creation. It’s not time to be wishy-washy. Get unstuck and go for it!

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