Believe in Yourself

When life brings
big winds of change
that almost blow you over . . .
close your eyes,
hang on tight and believe.


Duff here. Haven’t the past few Months been challenging? Kind of reminds of When I first learned to climb up steps to get to the House. I was a tiny Puppy then. My legs were short, and My coordination not the best. But I was determined. One Step at a Time, with My Mom at My Side. (Even then, I wouldn’t let Her pick Me up.) After trial and error, I succeeded! Living unstuck.

The Reward for all My Travails? A yummy treat. And You already know that’s the way to My Heart. This learning got easier as I grew Larger. And Older. I figured out how to Leverage Myself, and that made all the Difference. Living unstuck.

How about You? Tired of all the Goings On for a Time? Or are You managing nicely? I say: Close Your eyes and hold on tight. Start where You are, and go from There. Believe in a New Tomorrow, a Future so Bright you’ll have to wear Sunglasses. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#believe-in-yourself

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