Being Helpful

Duff here. I was thinking the other day how Helpful I am in many Different Arenas. It’s cold in Our Part of the World now. After Mom and I return from Our Walk, She grooms Me. Now, In the summertime, I hop off Her lap and curl Up on the other End of the Sofa. For if I’m on Her Lap, I get too warm. (Besides, I am not a Baby.) But It’s late fall, and 23 degrees outside keeps Us both moving. I snuggle in and serve as a Lap Warmer. This helps Us both live unstuck. 

I also Help to Cheer people up, should They be down in the Dumps. This Time of year, Folks tend to focus on Expectations. Like: Last Thanksgiving was a mess, and will probably be the Same this time Around. Curious. My Aunt Petunia was a Character. But once I learned to Relax and enjoy (rather than Judge) Her Antics, I could Romp and Play. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You helpful? When You consider the Holidays, are You telling Yourself it will Always Be the Same? I say: Change Your Expectations into Expressions of Gratitude. It’s the season for thanksgiving. And I look forward to giving Thanks for bits of Nibbles that come My Way. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours! #unstuck-living#happy-thanksgiving

You are You. Now isn’t that pleasant?

—Dr. Seuss

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