Bedtime Routines

Dancing with the feet is one thing.
Dancing with the heart is another.

—Owls Quotes

Duff here. We Canines are well known for being Creatures of Habit. Dinnertime. Breakfast. Time to go for a Walk. Sunday is Bath Time for Me. There’s the Time to go to Work. And the Time to return home. I’m more flexible than Most, for My Second Nature is to be with My Mom. I do that well. Living unstuck.

Snoopy, One of my Favorite Buddies, also has His special Habits. His Primo Request is a Piggyback Ride before going to Bed. Last time, He turned on The Tears to accomplish this, for Charlie Brown felt the Routine was ridiculous. I think They should both take Lessons from Mom and Me. She dances with Me before She puts Me to bed. The Samba is Her Best, with a Cha-Cha not far behind. Me? I prefer a Waltz. Smooth and mellow with lots of Heart, before I drift off to Dream Land. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Routine before Bedtime? Or do You just do whatever comes to Mind? I say: Develop a Fun Set of Things to do before You dive under the Covers. It sets a good Tone for the Night, and will help You sleep well. Sweet Dreams to You. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#dancing

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