Be In Charge

Doubt is a killer. You just have to know who you are and what you stand for.

—Jennifer Lopez

Duff here. Uncle Archibald was My Favorite Honorary Uncle. He was an In Charge Dude, for sure. You just knew He was “The Man.” The time-honored phrase, “His bark is worse than His bite,” did not apply here. And He was powerful enough to enforce It. Quicker than The Wind to know what He wanted, He didn’t ask permission. He simply staked His territory. If You were in His Way? You might get bowled Over. Or tumbled in a Different manner. All of these Experiences were memorable, believe Me. Living unstuck.

Some Masters firmly believe the Dog’s place is on the Floor. Or in Their Doggy Bed. And some of Our Friends carefully put a sheet on Their Bed so Their Pooch can sleep there without leaving a calling card of Fur behind. Uncle Archibald had His Special Spot right on the corner of the Sofa, where He could survey His Kingdom. He ruled benignly, and unless there was a Squabble? He was content. If there was a Dustup of some Sort, He settled it in short order. You bet! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You an In Charge Sort of person? Or do You roll with the Punches? I say: Pick Your Battles. If You’re up against an Archibald, You might want to make Him an Ally rather than a Combatant. Far more Fun, and You stand a better chance of being in One Piece at the End. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#be-in-charge

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