Bad Date Rescue

I’m no longer dating. If you’re interested in me I need a 500 word essay on how you would not waste my time.


Duff here. Aunt Pepper’s Mistress had a Tough Time dating the right Guy. She was a fun-Loving Lady, full of energy. She had a marvelous Sense of Humor, and was up for an Adventure at the drop of a Hat. Ready to go! Living unstuck.

However, She kept picking the Wrong One, and would usually spend a Long Night being Bored. Aunt Pepper to the rescue! They worked out a system where if the Date was going badly? The Faithful Canine was signaled. A long emergency Walk. A need to be Fed before She starved. A time for non-stop Play. Any excuse would do. Saved again. Living unstuck.

How about You? Ever been caught in a Social Dilemma like This? Or is Your Dating Life a Bed of Roses? I say: Focus on the Roses. If You wind up in a Predicament, call on Your faithful Pooch. A Small Treat after will ensure Saving the Day again in the future. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#bad-date-rescue

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