Allergies . . . Again

Duff again. Allergy season is upon Us again. I watch People sneeze. They hack. They cough. Their Eyes water. Their nose runs. No sleep at night. Even Mom has this Malady now. I comfort Her by Sitting close By, looking sadly at Her with My Big Brown Eyes. What does That get Me? A Daily Sponge bath with a warm wash Rag. (Apparently My Fur attracts pollen like Nobody’s Business.) I don’t Mind, for this Ritual feels like a massage. That’s Living unstuck.

The other day, I, Myself, began to Sneeze. Once. Twice. Three times. Now, when I do This, it’s a Whole Body Activity. My chin hits the Floor. My body Wiggles. And My Tail moves almost Straight Out. Quite a feat for a Curly tail, I’ll tell you. After those Three sneezes, My Allergy Season was complete. I was finished, but this experience gave Me compassion for those who still are Suffering. They are not unstuck at all.

How about You? Are You miserable during This Dreadful Season? Or are You skipping along, content to Live Your life? I say: If you have a Choice, select the Latter. Seems to Be a Much easier way to Go. For those who are Having a Hard Time, My Commiseration to You. The Comfort I offer is: This Time will pass very Soon. Summer is on Its Way! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#allergy-season

Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.


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