Alarm Systems

What do you mean there’s nothing outside?
I should probably just bark anyway.


Duff here. Part of My Duties as the Canine Executive Officer includes being the Guardian of the Office. I let Mom know when there even might be Something suspicious lurking outside. If there is even a Hint of Danger, I’m on It. One time My Client came in after I had let forth with a Volley of Mighty Barks, and thought I had been replaced with a Much Bigger Canine. My Yips and Yaps are that Loud. I do My Job well, I tell you. Living unstuck.

Then there’s Aunt Abigail. Her Master decided to get a Masterful Dog to Guard the House and all Its belongings. (He probably had precious Treasures and Who-Knows-What inside.) And She fulfilled Her position well for quite a while. But One day, She was caught red-handed Laying down on the Job. Oh my! But Her Master was so fond of Her, She was simply given a New Title: Chief Inspector to Guarantee Softness of the Sofa. Perfect! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have an Excellent Alarm System? Or do You have a Faithful Canine? I say: Opt for the Pup. Not only Will He fulfill His Mission, but He will warm Your Heart as I do. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#alarm-systems

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