Adventuring About

Duff here. Have you ever had a yen to adventure? To explore something totally unknown to you? Well, I often do. There’s a hill alongside the place where I live with my mom. As you see from the pictures, I go way up on top, then tuck away into the nicest hidey hole of a nook in the mesquite you have ever seen.

And I have a mind of my own when adventuring. I come back when I want. My mom got excited (you might even say anxious) the first few times I went there, for I simply disappeared. She couldn’t see me. What a giggle.

But when she came after me and stepped into my secret place, she could sense the peace I experienced. And she understood why I liked to travel up there to explore. (Well that and to “claim my territory” from the other dogs who dared to venture into my realm. Can you imagine?)

Do you have a bucket list? How long is it? How many of your dreams have you completed so far? The Duff Advice is: start adventuring. Explore and fulfill your wishes. It’s never too late. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

—Erica Jong

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