Adventures With Sprinklers

Duff here. The scenario: We got to work. Mom was busily pulling Things out of The Car, letting Me do My Thing. I went to One End of the parking lot to reinforce My Territorial Markings. One can never be too sure, You know. Mom then noticed Me briskly trotting to Our neighbor’s Place. Such a lovely green lawn. Irresistible for Canines! Living unstuck.

Mom could see the Sprinklers were on, so She hot footed it across the Parking area after Me. I increased My Speed. What else could I do?! And got to the Grass. At first it was fine. A little wet underfoot, but Fine. Then a Gentle Shower. I shook it off. Once again, nothing. Then intermittent Showers. No problem. But as I headed Back to Mom? I got a face full of Water. And promptly Bit It. Surprise! I’ll show It who’s boss. I had never encountered Anything like That before. But now I know. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had adventures with Sprinklers? Or do You know all about Them? I say: Follow My Lead. It’s kind of Fun to Play in Those gentle Showers. And You have My permission to bite the Stream of Water as needed. After all, You’re in Charge. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#adventures-with-sprinklers

It’s all fun and games . . . until . . .


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