A Walk in the Sunshine

Duff here. Sometimes, Mom gets wound up Working on the Computer. She stands in front of It (or sits, as the case may Be), and hunts-and-pecks away. She’s a four Finger typist, so Speed is not Her forte. And She loses track of time! Hours can go By, and She’s still plunking away. Beautiful Spring weather is outdoors. And yet, there She is, Creating away indoors. Not unstuck at all.

Today, I put My foot down. Or should I say My Paw? I stood in the doorway of the Office and Stared at her. No response. Not to be Deterred, I Stamped My paws. First slowly. Then Faster. And Faster. She looked up and realized what She was missing: Both Me and a lovely Spring Day. She grabbed the leash and off We went. I took Mom for a Walk. And I think She was the better for it. That’s living unstuck.

You too? Do You get involved in a Project or something Very Important? And forget the Beauty of the Outdoors? I say: Take a look Outside. Step out and Enjoy The World. I do often, and Find it most Enjoyable. Come join Me and live unstuck. #unstuck-living#spring-sunshine

It was me. I let the dogs out.


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