A Soft Place to Land

Duff here. In My Life, Mom and I have traveled a lot. And moved a few Times too. I love to explore new Surroundings. One place? I had a lot of territory to Adventure. Hills and Valleys. Crevices and Crannies. (Unknown to Me, Mom kept an eye on Me, for there are Coyotes in These Parts.) Another home? I had a Wide expanse of Land to travel from one street to Another. Neighbors would meet and greet. Or lead Me back Home. Lovely! Living unstuck.

One of the fondest memories I have of a Move? Mom was out and About, getting Necessary Items for Our place. A Special Friend and I were at home, holding down the Fort. Suddenly, it occurred to Us: It was the Exact Right Time to take a little Nap. (I think I wore Her out.) When We were next discovered? My Friend was asleep on the Sofa, and I was dreaming good Dreams on her Hip. A Norman Rockwell moment, for sure. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You like to Move? Or is It something dreaded and Awful? I say: Enjoy the New Scenery. Explore the Territory. And if You have an opportunity to create a heartwarming Moment? Go for it. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#a-soft-place-to-land

You have enough.
You do enough.
You are enough.

—Lisa Trager

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