A Circle of Protection

Duff here. Today was one of Those Grim Days. Rain and storms were rampant. A Friend would say: the Sky is falling. And I would agree. The Boom of Thunderclaps was enough to send Me to the safety of My bed. A Challenging Time all the Way around. Not unstuck at all.

But eventually, even I have to respond to the Call of Nature. Time to go out and Do My Business. When I did, I noticed it was Pouring. Not just pitter pats, but A torrent of Showers. I attempted a U-Turn, but Mom anticipated my move and closed the Door. Out we went. But I discovered a Secret. If I stayed Close to Her, there’s a Circle of Protection. No Moisture falling under a contraption She calls an umbrella. It’s a good Thing She had that, too, for while My Bladder is strong, I was at the breaking Point. I quickly found the Right Place and enjoyed Scenery for a couple of Minutes. Such relief! Now, that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Ever been caught in a Situation where You needed Immediate Help? And there was a Friend to lend a Hand? I say: Accept the Support any way you can get It. Take it from Me, the Comfort is amazing. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#relief

If your path demands you walk through Hell, walk as if you own the place.


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