A Brave Pup

Scared is what you’re feeling.
Brave is what you’re doing.

—Emma Donoghue

Especially during thunderstorms . . .

—The Duff

Duff here. Mom is an expert at Temperature Control. Her Minion Friend has it right, and She follows the Script exactly. The Foot comes out when She’s too Warm. Then back in when She Cools off. If She gets too Hot? She sleepwalks. When She does this, I get an earful. And sometimes She shares secrets. Oh my! Living unstuck.

I, Myself, Stick to the Tried and True. I sleep soundly. But when A Creepy Noise in a Thunderstorm startles Me, I am on Alert. Barking furiously. Rocketing through the House. Ready to take on Whoever was out to Get Me. I’m securing My Domain. A while back, a Heavy Storm was right overhead. When Mom tried to pin Me down to comfort Me, I was having None of It. I am One Brave Pup! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You brave in spite of being Scared? Or do You move in behind Another? I say: It depends. At times, I’m ready to take Them on. But others? I sidle behind Mom. She be Fierce, That One. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#bravery

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