A Bark at Night

Duff here. I am usually an even-tempered Fellow, Mild Mannered with the best of Them. Some of My Clients have even called me sweet and precious. I am gentle and Kind. Loving and affectionate when needed. It’s necessary for My Position as the Canine Executive Officer of Unstuck Living. Living unstuck.

But there are some Times at Night when I just have to be Rambunctious. The other night, I barked just Because I could. You know, that Urge came just to Push the Envelope. After My alert, Mom shot Straight up and revolved in her Bed three Times, getting tangled in the Sheets. She thought Something dreadful had occurred, for She was Sound Asleep. She peeked inside My carrier, and I looked at Her with My bright brown eyes, saying, “Just checking on You, Mom.” You can be sure that was the last time I pulled That Stunt. Not living unstuck, for sure.

How about You? Do You always behave Yourself? Or are there times when You just have to Do Something untoward? I say: Pick Your times for that Wisely. Take it from Me, the Result is not always pleasant. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#a-surprise-at-night

I don’t always bark at night.
But when I do, it’s for no reason.

—Via Reddit

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