5 Tips to De-Stress


Okay, you’re stressed. To the max. Seems wherever you turn, that gooey, messy feeling seeps into your life. The world has turned upside down. New normal? You’ve got to be kidding!

What would happen if you take that massive mountain of stress and discomfort, and turn it into little hills. Much more manageable, isn’t it? So, slow down and ask yourself: what exactly is stressing me out? How specifically could I lower the level of this pain? Where can I adjust the pressure I experience?

Since you and I are often too close to investigate this problem in detail for ourselves, let’s create an image the mind can play with. In this instance, if you were a car . . . As you move through this process, you’ll surprise yourself. Your subconscious mind loves stories and will create the perfect image of the type of car that is you. Have fun!

To begin, settle into a comfortable place. Relax. Take a deep breath. Now another. Unwind and let your mind wander.

If you were a car, what kind of car are you? What size? Are you a large car? An SUV? A sports car? A hot rod? A truck?

How many people do you comfortably carry? Is it five people? 7? 10? 20? Or just 1 or 2?

How many people do you usually haul around? More than your comfort level? Fewer? Just right?

What is your source of fuel? Friendships? Food? Beverages? A walk? Quiet?

What is your tank’s capacity? If it’s large, you have a lot of energy. If small, not so much.

How far apart are your fuel stations? Do you go and go until there’s nothing left? Or do you stop and refuel as needed?

What are your warning signs? When do you need a tune-up? How do you know when you’re redlining? How rough does your life need to be before you stop for a moment?

How much time do you spend looking in your rearview mirror? Is the past consuming you, or do you have a big front window to the future?

Does your radio get music, or are you just tuned into static? What are you saying to yourself? Can you control the chit-chat in your mind?

Are there backseat drivers in your car? Kibitzers can cause stress.

What is the safety belt that keeps you from crashing? A trusted friend? A pastor or priest? Your dog?

Does your automatic choke work, or do you usually idle too fast? Revving your engine as you sit in neutral?

What Now? Five Tips

  • Your identity: The type of car you described is your outlook on life, be it a bus or a sports car. Awareness is the first step.
  • Need for connection: Want more friends? Fewer visits with some family members? Take time to recharge or balance your life.
  • Energy level: Exhausted during the day? Plan for short naps to perk you up.
  • Perspective: Negative thoughts take a toll on your happiness. Weed them out.
  • Anxiety level: If you are constantly wound up, check out ways to reduce those fight/flight patterns. Deep breathing techniques or yoga classes do well here.

Have a better picture of your life? What changes will you make to ease your tension? Enjoy your world! It’s time to live unstuck.


  1. Connie Gajewski on 10/23/2023 at 12:10 pm

    If my “dash light” goes on, I call you !!! 🤓

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