Yoda of the Dog World

Duff photoDuff here. The other day, I got a High Compliment and wanted to share It with you. Anita Bromley, A talented Friend who Knits like the Wind, declared me “Yoda of The Dog World.” What praise for Me, a Very Small Dog! While I still aspire to be a Yoda, but I can be the Wise One in that Realm for Now. That fits Me well. As I recall, the original Master Yoda of Star Wars had Wisdom beyond compare. (I’m still Working on It.) Yoda coached Luke Skywalker to His Ultimate Destiny as a Jedi Knight. Can You imagine the Knowledge? That’s a high Standard to live up to. Truly living unstuck.

As He was initially counseling Luke, Master Yoda made a Profound Statement. “Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try.” Oh, my! I have held to this wise Concept for many years, not Knowing my Sage had coined it many years before. For instance, as I grow Older, I am challenged to Hop Up into the Car. Mom will reach down to Gather Me up and Help. But I Shake Her off, take a Deep Breath and Muster My Strength. Up I Go! There is no Try. Only Do. Living unstuck.

What about You? Do You have a Dream? Even a little One? Do You use Your Inner Wisdom and Try to reach that Goal? Or do You put on Your Armor of Acumen and Just Do It? I say: Reach deep Inside and Accomplish whatever You Choose. Aim for the Stars. Master Yoda had it Right. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#do-or-do-not-no-try

No Try. Only Do.

—Duff Courtney | Paraphrase of Master Yoda

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