With the Eyes of a Child

Okay, I’m miffed. And puzzled. And downright confused. It’s December. And there’s not a flake of snow around. I hear Christmas carols singing about walking in a winter wonderland, Frosty the snowman, and dashing through the snow. But it’s a challenge to remember snow and icicles when it’s in the 50’s and 60’s. I’m not complaining, but it’s a mind warp for sure.

Bring Back the Magic of Christmas

Let’s recreate the excitement of the season by going back to what you experienced as a child. Remember when you went to visit Santa, and told him what you really wanted for Christmas? Enough about the socks and underwear. I remember my most favorite present was a red transistor radio. Palm sized; it was my constant companion for many years. I can still feel its weight in my hand.

How to do this?

To journey back in time and conjure up those memories, check out these five ways to recapture the childhood magic of Christmas.

  • Don’t give up on tradition. When I was little, writing a letter to Santa Claus was oh-so-special. Baking those sugar cookies, then icing them with sprinkles? I can smell them now. My job was to make chains out of construction paper for the tree. Or drape the tree with silver icicles, one by one. Perhaps it’s time to revisit these ways from your youth. Go back in time and share them with your family.
  • Do something for others. Step up and be a part of some seasonal voluntary work, such as helping out with charity Christmas collections, or competing in a Santa run. Check in on a lonely neighbor or friend. Not only will this make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but you can help somebody else recapture the magic of Christmas.
  • Change up your gift list. When you were little, you asked Santa for what you wanted, not necessarily what you needed. But as you got older, presents become a lot more practical and the wish list was full of useful – but entirely unexciting – items. Socks. Kitchen appliances. An oil change. How about something fun and frivolous you can look forward to? The sky’s the limit!
  • Immerse yourself in magic. Get involved with holiday festivities as much as you can. Go to Christmas tree lightings. Attend a carol service. Find the local symphony orchestra concert. Visit as many craft shows and Christmas markets as you can. Fill your playlist with Christmas songs, and sing along. Hunt for those funny gadgets to put in those stockings. These activities will warm your heart.
  • Do something different. Recapture that sense of wonder by finding different streets lit with those bright holiday displays. Go to the city hall and dance with the music coordinated with lights. Create something new for a decoration. Or leaf through Grandma’s recipes and pull out the old favorites from when you were a child. The sights and smells will bring back such fond memories. Oh, those pecan delights!

Get swept up in the mystery of Christmas – the sounds, the laughter, the atmosphere – and enjoy the magic of the season through the eyes of a child. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!

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