With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.

—Eleanor Roosevelt

Duff here. Freedom? To some, it means the Ability to Worship as They choose. Others may see Freedom as being Free to Travel. Moving from Alabama to Colorado? A cultural change . . . and Freedom to Do So. Free to Choose Your own Way of Life. Mom is grateful to be in a Country where She is free to run a business as a Woman. All living unstuck. And all requiring some Responsibilities in return.

For Me, Freedom is sashaying through a Large meadow next to My Home. I ramble about, checking Out messages from Friends. Or Discovering Something Very New: the Sight of a Raccoon, the Surprise of Hail on My fur. And yes, even I have obligations. Staying out of Range of the Raccoon. Getting out from Under the hail. And most importantly, Coming to Mom when She calls Me. (I know I am in Deep Trouble if My Entire Name is used. You know. That infamous Middle Name that heralds Problems.) My Freedom can be Severely Curtailed if I don’t comply. That’s not unstuck.

How about you? Do You enjoy Your Freedom? Or do You even recognize it? I say: Take a Look. Consider the Responsibilities associated with Your Choices. And be Grateful. I Myself am grateful for the Men and Women who gave (and give) so Much that We can live in Freedom. Take a moment and Salute Them. We live unstuck because of The Sacrifices They made. #unstuck-living#memorial-day

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