Winning is a big deodorant.

—John Madden, football coach, analyst and author

Duff here. The other day Mom said, “Some days chickens. Some days feathers.” And I was wondering what That was all about. I like Chickens well enough. They’re fun to Chase. They are so funny as They run Around, wings a flapping. I only got to do this One Time. Mom caught Me early in the game. And I was Toast. Not living unstuck.

The one I admire, However, was a former Neighbor. She had a Chicken coop with many little Chicks. They were all doing Well, getting bigger by the Minute. But one morning, She checked. And overnight, a Weasel had snuck onto the area. No more chicks. Sniff. This Pretty Lady was furious and vowed to get even. Her Plan was to camp out in the Coop with Her Shotgun the next Night. (The image is still Burned on My Brain.) I’m not sure if She ever followed through. But to Me? That would qualify Her as a Winner. John Madden would be proud. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#winning

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