Winds of Change

When life brings big winds of change that almost blow you over, close your eyes, hang on tight, and believe.

—Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Duff here. The other Day, the Wind was blowing something fierce. The Trees would sway and Bend, Back and Forth. Any remaining Leaves were flying across the fields. Cars and Trucks were swerving in Their lanes on the Road. (A most unusual Sight to see.) Mom was taking One Step forward, and then was pushed Back. We got to laughing, for It was as if She was doing the Cha-Cha. Without the music, of course. Living unstuck.

As for Me, I stand only 8” off the Ground, avoiding Wind resistance. I am not very Tall, but I’m Mighty. I was Hunkered down, moving steadily along. But as the Gusts grew stronger, I lowered Myself. Then got down even Lower. My Ears were streaming in the Wind, giving Me a Dapper Appearance. Then It got to the Point where I was close to doing a Belly Crawl. Mom took one look, and Gathered Me up so We could safely progress to Our Destination. We are a Team! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You resist Strong Winds of Change? Or do You go with the Flow? I say: If those Robust Winds almost blow You over, close Your eyes for a moment. Then Hang on tight, and make believe You can fly. Sure felt like that when Mom picked Me up. You might be supported that Way too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#winds-of-change

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