Whisper Your Problems Out

Sometimes when I get mad I go to my room and whisper bad words.

—Buzz Feed, Teachers’ student sayings: anonymous 5-year-old

Duff here. Mom and I heard: Most people can handle Their Families for four Hours on a Holiday. Then They need a Break. Old grudges return. Sibling rivalry is at its best. Squabbles erupt. These Bad Feelings can build and build, until There is No Fun to be Had. At all. People are miffed. They feel Unheard. Unloved. And left Out. Definitely not living unstuck.

But I think this Little Five-year-Old Boy has the right Strategy. What would Happen if: When You get mad, You go to Your Room and whisper those Bad words? I do that When I’m out of Sorts with Mom. There are times when She doesn’t do what I think She should. A little snackerel? More walks? You know what I mean. When I get in a Dither, I go into My carrier. And mumble a few choice Phrases. I’m embarrassed to say: I can hear Her softly chuckling in the Other Room. The Nerve! But after that, We both live unstuck.

How about You? What do You do when You get a Set of the Hips? Bluster about? Yell and stomp? Or do You go to Your Quiet Place and get Straightened out? I say: Opt for the latter. After all, Santa is coming. And You want to be as Good as You can for the Big Day. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#whisper-your-problems-out

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