Where Do Sandwiches Live?

I’m glad I don’t have to hunt down my own food.
I don’t even know where sandwiches live.


Duff here. The other night, Mom created a Delicious Meal for Me. Yes, it’s the Same food She usually prepares. But It was Special this time. First She cooked up My Chicken. At the same time, She whipped up some Rice (with a pinch of Salt.) Those White Grains bubble, then sit to Puff up. All the time, the Chicken is wafting a delicious Aroma. Yum! Living unstuck.

That evening, I had a hot Meal. The next Day? My Goodies were Cold, right out of the Refrigerator! Mom proudly served it Up. And I sniffed at It for a Moment. Then sat down next to it, saying “Warm it up, please.” Mom smiled and continued with Her Other Tasks. When I moseyed over to My Bed to show My Disapproval, She quickly put a Piece of Glad Wrap over My Meal. Into the Fridge it went. Let Me tell You, it was a long time until Lunch. (And I have not made That Demand since.) Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You indicated Displeasure with a Meal set in front of You? Or are You always Grateful? I say: Eat while the Eating’s good. You never know when You might miss a munchie. And appreciation is Key here. Saying thank You (or wagging a Tail) works wonders. Living unstuck.

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