Weightless Treasure of Learning

Learning is a weightless treasure you can always carry easily.

—Chinese proverb

Duff photoDuff here. Do you like to learn New Things? The other day I was considering the process of learning. That Information Curve can be steep at times. When I was a Puppy, the Curve felt as if it was almost straight up. Knowing when it was time to feast. Or not. Or Mom would toss a toy down the hall. And then walk down to pick it up. I finally understood: my Job was to run after it and bring it back to her. (That trick took some Time to get.) And figuring out how to let Mom know when I needed to go outside to do my Business. Oh my. But once I mastered these Learnings, life was much simpler. And quieter. No more strong, firm Voice Directions from my Pack Leaders. Ugh. I now live unstuck.

After Puppyhood, another Major Learning came my way. A flight of stairs leads to where Mom and I live. They are nice steps: cement with firm iron railings. My Challenge: I could see right through them to the ground below. The first time I moved higher and higher on the stairs I could see it was truly a Long Way Down. And I froze. Stared at the ground below. And waited.

Mom came to my rescue and scooped me up on that trial run. She showed me there was nothing to fear and patiently went up and down the stairs with me. Slow steps and encouraging words, such as “Good boy” and “You can do This, Duff” helped a lot. After this lesson, my confidence overflowed and I now take the stairs in stride. I acquired this weightless treasure of learning. And I happily carry it with me. I live unstuck.

How about you? Like to Learn New Things? Develop New Skills? Do you have Friends to help you too? I say: You’re on! You only go around once. And the weightless treasure of learning is light indeed. I have found it to be so. You will too. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#learning

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