Warm Comfort

Duff here. Today, a surprise snowstorm! Actually, A Very Small Dusting of Snow. And it was Beyond Chilly. Matter of fact, it was outright Cold. The day before had been Windy beyond Belief. I had trouble keeping My Balance. My Fluffy Tail served as a rudder, pushing me this Way and that. Nuisance . . . I finally tucked It beneath Me and Moved ahead. Living unstuck.

Mom and I came back inside after that Morning jaunt. And I was Freezing. I looked Intently at Her, But She didn’t get the Hint. I finally started rumpling My Bedding to get Under It (and get Warm.) Mom noticed My frenzy and picked up a Toasty Towel from the Utility room. She vigorously rubbed my Back and I relaxed. Stretched out, Luxuriated and Lived the Life. Basking in Warm Comfort. Living unstuck.

How do You achieve that feeling of Pleasant Pleasure? Is it Everyday Fact for You? Or just Once in A While? Does someone give You comfort? Or do You bestow it on Yourself? I say: Search it out. There’s nothing like Today to discover what brings that Good feeling of Contentment. And You certainly Deserve it. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#warm-comfort

Comfort is a powerful sedative.

—Samantha Garman

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