Wanna Come With You!

Duff photoDuff here. As a Dog, the Seasons impact When and Where I can accompany Mom in the Car. The Vehicle is My private Abode, a Place where I can Snooze in the Sun and revel in Warmth. But Only when The Temperature is exactly Right. Mom is very Careful to leave Me in a Secure Area When it is Too Warm or Too Cold. She is a Good Doggy Mommy. We both live unstuck.

Being at Home is Not Usually a problem. But if I am to Be Tucked Into the Office as Mom Runs Errands, She gives off Obvious Signals that This Move is Pending. Her Purse and Her Cup of Tea is left in the Car. She gets out of the Vehicle, then turns and Smiles at Me, saying “Come on, Duff” in bright Tones. These are Definite Indications I will be Left Behind. Now That would Be a Stuck Situation.

I snooker Her, for I will Dive into My Carrier located in the back Seat. She coaxes. She cajoles. She murmurs Sweet Entreaties. But to No Avail. I brace My Paws against the edge of the Pet Taxi and will not Budge as She pulls on My Halter. Eventually, I relent. But it is an Arduous Process. I wanna Go With Her and see The World. That to Me is Living Unstuck.

Do You do The Same? When Someone is going to a Place and You want to Tag Along, do You Plead Your case? Or do You have a Child That Does That? (They are Notorious for Doing so.) I recommend: Let Them come when You are Able To. The World is a Wondrous Place. Enjoy It as often as Possible. I do. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#companionship

P.S. Mom got Wise to My Machinations. She now Picks Up the Carrier with me in it. Drat!

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.

—W.P. Kinsella

It’s not what you want that counts. It’s what you get.

—Paul V. Verburg

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