Walking on Tiptoe

You can never leave footprints that last if you’re always walking on tiptoe.

—Leymah Gbowee

Duff photoGreetings! Duff here. I see so many people who go through their Lives on tiptoe. They stay Small and do not venture an opinion, for fear of saying the wrong thing. Or hurting another’s Feelings. When asked what they would like to do, they say “Whatever. It doesn’t matter to me.” Or if at a restaurant, they will defer and say, “I’ll have what you do” even if that’s not what they want. It’s as if they live in their little Fearful Box, too afraid to come out and be themselves. I can perceive their Insecurity and Tentative Natures in an instant, for I am a Powerfully Sensitive Dog when it comes to Feelings and Emotions. That’s being unstuck.

Now personally, I don’t have that Problem. I am Myself all day long. I live and eat and play as a Duff should: joyous, free and content. I have a Heart, a Mind, and a Voice. I speak my truths as openly as I can and use them for good. Many know me for who I am. They even recognize Me before they realize Mom is with me. (Which is a giggle). Like The Velveteen Rabbit of old, I am authentic and real. I live unstuck.

I ask: What will it take for you to realize you are Amazing? That you have Talents and Skills no one else has? That you know you could do Anything you wanted if you set your mind to it? I recommend standing in front of the mirror every morning as you tell yourself, “I love you. I like you. I trust you.” It will feel so good; you may even repeat those thoughts many times over. I have found it works wonders. And I suspect you will too. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#selfworth

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