Uniquely You

Absorb what is useful.

Discard what is not.

Add what is uniquely your own.

—Bruce Lee

Duff here. Such a powerful statement! And a Powerful Man. Mom and I were talking about What it Took to become a Master of Martial Arts. To reach this Pinnacle not only called for Hours of Practice but extreme Dedication and a Strong Mental Focus. From His quote, Mr. Lee also took In what was Important to Him. If he found it helpful, he Incorporated it. If Not, out it Went. And the best Part? The last line summed it up: Add what is Uniquely your own. Live unstuck.

Now I am the One and Only Duff Courtney. I have my Special Quirks and Specialties. No other Dog barks like I do. There are Certain foods I like and others I don’t. No other Canine looks like me. Oh, they may Try, but They will not succeed. For I am Singular in Who I am. And I revel in My Own Special Being. I live unstuck.

How about you? You also are One-Of-A-Kind. What have you absorbed over the Years? Is it helpful to You? If not, then I say: Toss it. You will create A Distinctive Individual that is You. Celebrate Yourself. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#uniquebeing

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