Unexpected Visitors

An unexpected visit can bring clarity and perspective to our lives.


Duff here. It’s the hot, hot, hot Time of the Year before the Monsoon Season. When It gets this hot? The Outside World begins to prompt Others to do strange Things. Tempers are shorter. Misunderstandings abound. Those Folks walking into Wal-Mart? Sometimes wearing skimpier and skimpier clothes. At times, Mom Holds Her Hand over My Eyes, so I don’t see R-rated visions. She treats Me like a Child. Really! Not living unstuck.

But I had some Surprise Playmates visit the Other Day. They come every Year when the heat cycle cranks up. Mom was busy doing something in the kitchen and turned around to find Me playing with a Mini-Scorpion. She quickly hustled over and Took care of My Buddy. Oh no! Then there was the Spider. And the Centipede, curled up under the Scale that Mom agonizes over when She steps on It. My Paws were moving to get Him to Come out, but Mom was having none of It. Flush. Into the toilet He went. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have Unexpected Visitors of Any Type? Or is Your Life of a hum-drum Nature? I say: Jazz it up a Bit. Look for the Unexpected. The Surprise may put a spring in your Step and Smile on Your Face. You never know… Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#unexpected-visitors

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