Uncomfortable Situations

I’m not going. And you can’t make me.

—The Duff

Duff here. Toward the end of September, it’s time for the Parade of Cars and Fall Festival. These beautiful Vehicles travel from Show Low to Pinetop, showing off their unique Shapes and Colors from Yesteryear. Drivers sound their Horns and everyone has a Good Time. (Mom’s pictures show Some Of Them Celebrating and living unstuck.)

But the Sounds and the Noises of the Hoopla are frightening to This Little Dog. She and I started down toward the Road to watch when I planted all four Paws. And skidded just a Little until Mom got the Message that One of the Two of Us was not going in That Direction. I took advantage of the slack in My leash to turn around and head uphill, Pulling Her along for all I was Worth. (I touched Her heart, for until then, She didn’t know I was Scared.) Chair and iced tea in hand, She followed Me. On reaching the Car, She unlocked it and popped Me inside. I barked three Times, then realized: The Jeep was Warm. No Noise. A Nap was definitely in Order. I curled up and went to Sleep, secure in the Comfort of My Little bed. Letting others do Their celebrating. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You been in an uncomfortable Situation? And let a Friend know, so They could bail You out? I say: Speak Your Piece. You don’t have a Leash like Mine, so You’ll have to Let Your Buddy know Your feelings. I promise, it will work out Well. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#uncomfortable-situations

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