Too Many People Grow Up

That’s the real trouble with the world; too many people grow up.

—Walt Disney

Duff here. I think Mr. Disney had it exactly Right. Mom calls Me her Puppy, and quite often people think She has found another Whippersnapper of a Companion. (As if That would happen . . .) But even though I am the Canine Executive Officer of Unstuck Living, I have once again taken to My Puppy Ways. I play My version of fetch with Mom. I Dance on My hind legs. I run Fast across the parking Lot with Her. Then play and Frolic, circling and Skipping as I go. Celebrating what is. Living unstuck.

I believe Christmas brings that Younger Self out in all of Us. This Feeling may start with Children delighting in Toys at the store. Old familiar Songs bringing back Fond Memories. A whiff of Cinnamon with the Reminder of Grandma’s cookies. Christmas tree ornaments on the Tree, made when You were small. Or Your Children were tiny. All add to the festive Nature of the season and create a Magic of Excitement in the Air. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You enveloped in Childlike Wonder this time of the year? Or are You all Grown Up, much too Old to have any Fun? I say: Loosen up. Have some New Experiences. Fun is a feeling that starts Deep inside You. Bring Joy into Your life however You see fit. You’ll be glad You did. I’ll help If you’d need Me to, perhaps only with Happy Pictures of Me in Your Mind. Live unstuck. #untuckliving#nevergrowup

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