Toilet Paper Shortage?

Duff here. Mom went to the Store the other Day, and told Me the strangest Story. As She was busily shopping for Our Needs, an announcement came over the Loudspeaker. The Voice advised that Fall was coming, bringing with It a possibility of Shortages of Some Staples. Now, Mom is Nothing but quick on the uptake. She began to scan the Aisles for these Precious Treasures. She located the Sanitizers. And tucked one in Her Cart. She also secured Soap, that all-purpose Item. Ajax cleanser. You name it. Living unstuck.

What I couldn’t understand was Her picking up More Toilet Paper. I think We have enough to start Our Own Store. But there She was, cruising the Aisle to find The Right Brand. She told Me Others were making Their Selections, and She just couldn’t help herself. Not sure it’s living unstuck, but there You have it.

How about You? Do You go with the Crowd? Or are you an Independent thinker? I say: Gather the Information and make the Choice that’s Right for You. As for Potty paper, I am not troubled by this Issue, for I don’t need It at all. I do My Business with Intense Concentration, and I’m done. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#concenr-about-shortage

Everything in life is easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everyone else is doing.


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