Time for Bed

Duff here. It is important to know what time to go to bed. I nap off and on during the day, for that’s what dogs do. But if there’s a change, something out of the ordinary, my ears perk up and I am at the ready.

My mom says I take a Pre Nap Sleep. And that may be. I enjoy my dinner and stretch out for a moment. Then out I go for my evening constitutional and take care of my “business.” Back in my home for a wee sleep. At 7:00 pm exactly, I get off the couch, slurp up some water and go sit next to my carrier (which serves as my Man/Dog Cave). I have trained my mom, for she’s right behind me. She sings “Good Night, Sweetheart” as she rubs my ears. Then into the cave I go for my extended night’s sleep. No nightmares for me. And I am never cranky. I live unstuck.

How about you? Getting enough shut eye? Do the Pre Nap Sleep in front of the TV? If you ask me, it sets the tone for a restful night’s slumber. Live unstuck. I do. #UnstuckLiving

What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around — that’s their job.

—George Carlin

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