There’s a Bunny in There!

Duff here. I made an amazing Discovery this Morning: Bunnies live in Culverts. We were on Our Morning Sashay, and I began to follow a Scent. Being very Thorough, I checked Out the entire area. The ground around a Large Rock. Down the Road. On the driveway. The closer I got to the Culvert, the greater the Strength of the Fragrance. Curious. I ventured Down into the Ditch to get even Closer. Kazam! A Bunny flew out of The Opening, running as fast as His Paws could carry Him. What a startling Encounter! That’s living unstuck.

I was also astonished Something that Small could Live in an open ended Hidey-Hole. And even more: That Bunny was fleet of Foot. He ran like the Wind. Even faster than I can. I would have Caught Him, but Mom held Me back. I was on My leash, as a Proper Therapy Dog should be. (I suspect Mom saw the Bunny earlier, but wanted Me to enjoy the Thrill of Discovery.) Live unstuck.

How about You? Are You prone to Astounding Surprises? Or is Your life hum-drum and Boring? I say: Check out what’s around You. You may find Something Amazing. Unbelievable. And That will make Your Day. (Watch out for those Sprinting Bunnies. They’ll get You every time.) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#delightful-surprises

The real voyage of discovery comes not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

—Marcel Proust

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