The Vacay Recoup

Duff here. Last week, I spent three Glorious Days at Doggy Day Camp. I played. I romped about. I sniffed out the Neighborhood. I barked whenever I felt like it. Unusual to do at home, for I am generally Well Mannered. I met up with My Very tall Friend, one of the few Large Dogs I trust. I can actually stand under Him, so He throws shade for Me! Such a comfort to have a Buddy like that. Living unstuck.

Then time for the Joyous Reunion. Mom comes to pick Me up (She always does this,) and We meet and greet for a bit. I tell Her all about what I did. The Canines I met. Our Play dates and everything that went On. Once in the car, I check to see if There has been another Dog usurping My Territory. Once finished, I climb into Mom’s lap. And go sound asleep. And begin the recoup from My vacay. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Do You delay Vacations to work and “get things done?” Or do You take some time off, and revel in the Recoup? I say: Choose the latter. Make some plans to Get Away. Then do it. Revel in the Afterglow of recuperating. Your friends who care will applaud You Choice, and You’ll be better off for It. I know I am. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#vacations

I am not a teacher. I am a friend who cares.

—Dabashish Mridha

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