The Surprise Visitor

The unexpected moment (or visitor) is always sweeter.


Duff here. The other Night, Mom and I were getting ready for bed. We did all the usual Things. The Walk. The Snuggle. The petting and Cooing. Then tucking Me in. Off to the Shower She went. Hair shampooed and blown dry. She was ready to settle into Bed. It was a Gear-Down time, for sure. Living unstuck.

Then a Cricket began his Melody. Happily chirping away. In the House. Not a care in the World. Serenading Us with an ongoing Song of a warm Tomorrow. Of Bright Horizons. At first, Mom got up and began to search for Him. (I helped in My Own Inimitable Way.) After a time, She gave up and decided to enjoy His Refrain. To consider It a Lullaby. The next Morning, He was by the Door. Out He went, ready to enjoy new adventures. And We all celebrated. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You welcome unexpected Visitors? Or Do You run and hide? I say: Take stock of the Situation. If it’s midday, You might revel in the Conversation. If later at night though, You might give It another Think. But You never know . . . It could be a Sweet Moment. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#surprise-visitors

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