The Short Lullaby

Duff here. Every night, Mom sings me a lullaby. Our Routine? She begins to yawn and Stretch, and I know Bed Time is on its way. She will clean up the Kitchen. Then wander through Our place to Turn off the Lights. While She does this, I often get a Pat or a Rub, for She is Quite Fond of Me and enjoys Showing it. She sheds Her clothes and Turns on the Shower. And I meander into the Bedroom, curling up on My Soft Cozy Rug to await Her arrival. Living unstuck.

Now, it’s My turn. She rubs My ears and My tummy, Stroking My back as She sings to me. Her Voice is not stellar, but I get the Drift. It’s Sleepy time for Us. She joined a Singing Group over the Summer, and learned Some new Songs. She added two More Melodies to our regular Selections. One Night, She tried to Cut the evening Short and only sang Three Lullabies. Can You imagine? But I was having none of it. I stamped My paw to show My Displeasure and wouldn’t Budge. She chuckled and sang the last Song, and all was Well.  Living unstuck.

How about You? Like a Child who is accustomed to the same Story every night, that is Comfort. But when the Parent tries to Skip a Page? A Discussion follows and the World is usually righted once again. I say: Hold Your Ground. It worked for Me and I am now a Happy camper. Living unstuck. #unstuck-lviing#nighttime-routines

If you fall asleep every night believing something wonderful is happening for you, before too long, you’ll discover it will.

—Live Purposefully Now

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