The Secretive Philanthropic Witch

Duff here. We had an Unusual Happening last Hallowe’en. As usual, October 30th was like the Night before Christmas. The Children were very excited, and Sleep was non-existent. But finally and at last, They all fell asleep. Dreaming of sweets, Chocolates, and fabulous Costumes. Their exhausted Parents also fell asleep, glad for the respite before the Trick-or-Treat Night Itself. Living unstuck.

But later that night, a Dark Clad Figure stole up and down stairs. To homes of Those She knew and enjoyed. Neighbors and friends, who did not know Her Real Identity. She left Little bags of candy and Treats on each Doorknob, secure in the knowledge They would enjoy a small Delicacy. Not enough to wreck any eating Plan, but just a Little Something to power Them through the Big Day. What a surprise! Living unstuck.

How about You? Will You go out Trick or Treating on Hallowe’en? Or will You stay inside and turn off All the Lights? I say: Dream up an Exotic costume and wear It with Flair. Have a fun-filled Time! But keep an Eye out for that Philanthropic Witch. I wonder: will She come again this year? Or was it You? If yes, thank You! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#secret-treats

Halloween was confusing. All my life my parents said, "Never take candy from strangers." And then they dressed me up and said, "Go beg for it." I’d knock on people’s doors and go, "Trick or treat . . . no, thank you."

—Rita Rudner

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