The Season Has Begun

Duff here. Mom stepped out of the car at the Post office. And stopped Short. There was Santa’s Workshop. And all those twinkly colored Lights! Christmas is here. The Season has begun. I hopped out of our Car (just to Please Her), and She hooked Me up to My Leash. Off We went to enjoy the Sights. My Problem? I’m so Close To the Ground I couldn’t see The Glittering Effect in all its Glory. Mom tucked Me under Her arm so I could get Far enough off the Ground to appreciate the View. (I was more interested in Touching The Bulbs with My nose but to each His Own.) Talk about living unstuck.

The Lighting is up early This Year, and the Warm Feeling of the Occasion is oh-so-appreciated. Mom took Some Pictures to share with You so you could enjoy The Glow of The Lights too. I personally Think the reason the Lights have such an Effect is: It’s time for some Fun. Some Lighthearted Joy. Some Happiness. Some Peace. That can’t come Too Soon, Right? Living unstuck.

How about You? Do you travel about, Taking in the Christmas Lights? Gather up family and Friends and make an Evening of it? I say: The time to Do so is Now. Join Me and Cut loose. Celebrate the Season. You’ll have a Warm Feeling inside. I did. (Or perhaps it was Because Mom was Holding me, Keeping Me warm.) Live unstuck.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


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