The Scented Mask

Duff here. Mom is getting used to Her new fashion Accessory, The Mask. It is necessary in these times to Have one on Her Face, especially when In Crowds or around groups of People. It’s a must to wear this Gadget when In Walmart. Or Safeway. Or Mail Copy Plus. And She has different colors and Styles. Ties in the back. Loops over the ears. My, the Extent to Which She goes. Living unstuck.

After wearing this Gizmo the first Day, She popped it in the Lingerie Bag for cleaning with the Wash. All very well and Good, for It was not lost in the Machine (as some Socks can be, You know.) The next Day, Mom pulled it on, and The Mask had an odor. In fact, it smelled Downright Stenchy. Turns out It was jammed into Her Socks as it was washed in that very Same bag. Yup, the scent was Odeur d’Smelly Feet. She laughed, and carefully Placed it in the Pile to be Laundered that evening. I think it was Good She had a Backup Mask to Use, don’t You? That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You getting accustomed to Your fashion Accoutrement? (I call it a Muzzle, Myself.) Or do You let it go? I say: If You are wearing One, learn from Mom and wash it in a Separate Bag. You’ll never regret It. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#masks

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