The Scars Within

Veteran’s Day was Saturday. When this time comes around, I often remember the veterans that have been and continue to be in my life. My dad, who served in the Navy in the Pacific Ocean in WWII. My husband, who served in the Army in the Philippines during the same war. My many friends who fought, sacrificed and served that I might live a life of freedom. They gave up a time in their lives to ensure freedom for many. Their families who stayed behind. And I am grateful.

As a hypnotherapist, I also think of the many veterans I have worked with who returned from combat plagued with PTSD. There are many scars from war. Some are external, easily visible to the eye. But the most difficult scars are inside. Rory Coleman, a current college football player, served as an Army Corps Medic in Afghanistan. While there, a grenade exploded about 10 feet away from him. He was severely wounded and still has shrapnel in his legs. After recovering, he elected to return to his unit and finish out his term. But his dream while he recovered was to play college football. That dream motivated him and pushed him on. He lived unstuck.

Everyone has scars. Some are visible ““ and again, the most difficult scars are inside. Coleman said “It’s what you do after that (the combat experience). That’s what counts.” This young man decided to fulfill his life’s dream. He tried out as a walk-on for many teams. He was eventually selected (out of 22 candidates) to play at Central Florida University. When Corey’s coach was interviewed, he noted that Corey was picked up because of his determination and his fortitude. I suspect Corey kept telling himself over and over again, “You can do this! You can do this!” And he did. He is living unstuck.

Are you moving past old hurts? Leaving problems from your formative years behind? See a bright new tomorrow? Get help if you need it? Choose to live your life unstuck. #Unstuck Living #Gratitude To Veterans

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